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All bags $20, custom work for free, plus free shipping.

For international orders please email for shipping prices.

Custom Dice Bag buy

custom_bag All our bags are made with high quality cotton canvas, with velvet liner and matching polyester cord. The finished bags are 4.5 inches tall and and 3 inches wide. You can buy an already printed bag, avalible below, or you can order a custom bag.

The custom bags can work one of two ways. You can send us the image files (JPG,PNG,BMP) and tell us what you want. Or you can download the template files, make your own and email the files to us when you order. Once the image files have been preped, by us or by you, they will be printed onto the panles of the bag/s and then shipped out to you.

Tiamat Dark Text buy

Art from suletyel.

Tiamat Light Text buy

Art from suletyel.

Nagdude Coin buy

Art from nagdude.

We Love Bitcoin buy

Art from bitboy.

Fortune Kitty buy

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